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FAQ - General

1. Where can i get the login & password?
The STFC website login feature is only exclusively for current members only. If you wish to join us, please send us your request under the ' Enquiries' Page.

2. If i wish to pay a visit to the centre what should i do?
Please send us your request under the ' Enquiries' Page. We will arrange and get back to you as soon as possible!!

FAQ - For Current STFC Members

1. Where can get the lastest classes timetable?
The GX Timetable will be updated on weekly basis. It will be posted under the  'Announcements'  of the Main Page every friday by 5.00pm. All STFC members will only be able to view it after login.

2. How would i be informed about the last min changes of the timetable?
Any last min changes will be updated on the 'Announcements' Main Page. Please stay tuned with us to receive the most updated GX Timetable.

3. Do I have to update my profile and details? What will you be doing with my details?
The details in the profile function serves two functions. It serves to accurately identify you and send you timely information when required.

4.  What is 'Schedule". How do I use it?
If you subscribe to a 'schedule' based on the Group X timetable, we will be able to track for you and feedback to you for any updates of your 'schedule'. Feedback will be sent to your email.

5.  What is 'Fitness Program"?
Instead of the conventional pen and paper, now you can plan, document and archive your workout done here. It will then be in cyberspace forever . No need to second guess yourself your cardio workout or strength workout time, weights, reps and sets.

6. What is 'Fitness Test". How do I perform this?
The Fitness Test function is a set of fitness challenges you can either perform yourself or have our  personal trainers to assist you in testing. Many of us don't know what are the standards of fitness thus  this is a method of knowing where oneself is physically. Hit the 'indicator' button to know the standard results you should be achieving.

7. Id like to key in my 'Personal Body composition Analysis' (Personal Stats). How do I do it and where can I go to measure the results?
Approach any of our personal trainers to do this. The personal Trainers can either help you key in the results here or you can do it yourself.