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Take note that we have now a new slot for all your Body Pumpers! Every Monday @ 7.30am, starting August 2018 with Syed!


Replacement for the month of AUGUST 2018

6/8 Monday
6.30pm Vinyasa with Rachel
8.30pm Hatha with Rachel

8/8 Wednesday
6.30pm Vinyasa with Doris
8.30pm Yin with Seline

10/8 Friday
6.30pm Flow Yoga - Doris

16/8 Thursday
7.30pm - BodyBalance - Purdey

21/8 Tuesday
6.30pm - RPM with Victor

27/8 Monday
6.30pm RPM with Harry
6.30pm Vinyasa with Jonna
8.30pm Hatha with Seline