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Replacement for the month of August 2017

Viva Studio


18.8.2017 (Friday)
6.30p.m      Zumba with Nagesh
7.30pm       Body Pump with Liew
8.30pm       Dance Fusion with Zizie

19.8.2017 (Saturday)

1.00p.m          Body Step with Mun Fei

20.8.2017 (Sunday)
1.00pm           Body Combat
3.00pm           Body Step
4.00pm           GRIT Strength
Classes are cancelled due to Les Mill Q3 Workshop

26.8.2017 (Saturday)
4.00pm           Yoga with Jason

28.8.2017 (Monday)
7.30pm           Blast FX cancelled

7.30pm           Body Combat with Jaysean
8.30pm           No class

30.8.2017 (Wednesday)
6.30pm           Body Combat with Leo
7.30pm           Body Pump with SKY
8.30pm           No class